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Charter a Car

Getting Around in Bali with professional driver! Price Now - 15 Aug 2007
one day, up to 4 persons Rp.500,000
half day, up to 4 persons Rp.300,000
It includes our professional guide who speak English.Of course we have good air conditioner.
Are you more than 5 person group? Okay, please ask us.
* This price sometimes change depending on the gas rate and Rupiah rate.

If you ask this for some tourist agency they will answer very high price. Not only that they will only lead you to only high price shops. We, Bali Travel, provide you your original tour plan. The plan depends on your shape or your age. You also can deside how long will you stay at the shop.

This "Charter a Car" is much-loved. I think it's good to make a reservation early.

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