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    Do you know "dengue fever" or "breakbone fever" ? It's one of dangerous communicable disease, and mosquito-born disease. There's an intensive epidemic in Southeast Asia.
    At first, please read it,

Dengue Fever -
Officials mobilized to prevent outbreak of dengue fever - Taipei Times

    Dengue fever is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted by mosquitos. It courses headache and fever.
In Bali, it was on the increase this May and I have never heard that the passenger got it but please be careful.
If you stay at resort hotels, it's more safety. Their garden is well cleaned so not many mosquitos, in addition, the rooms sometimes have insect repellent.
It's good to take an insect deterrent spray when you go oout.
And if you stay at rosmen or long-stay, I would recommend it with confidence!

The Japanese mosquito stick is inside of the pig.
Yes, the pig is not necessary :-)
You can buy a mosquito stick at Circke K in Bali.

Or you can get at Amazon!

and If you stay so long, you should bring this, This is a MOSQUITO NET.

    This, Rotiboy, has everyone talking. I tried it ant it was sooooo amazing! Deliciouse! It smelles butter and coffee. It's very devil!
It's Rp.6,500, under $1.
    Rotiboy is very popular and famous bread in Indonesia. Some piece of butter is inside of the bread fresh from oven. So melted butter comes out, it's really jucy. The surfave is crunchy and delicious.
    Rotiboy shops are in Mall Discovery and Mall Bali Galeria, both of them are huge mall in Kuta.

・Mall Bali Galeria Lt Dasar 1B-50
・Mall Discovery Lt 1 Block M 6A-1

I went to Mall Discovery, it's new one. The shop is at the first floor.

Mmmm, it smelles butter and coffee!
They have eat-in corners where you can eat the rotiboy :-)

    I've bought it back to hotel and tried to eat next morning, it was already lukewarm but it was still delicious.
So it's really nice bread. Please check it up!

In the night on Aug 29th, the total eclipse of the moon appeared.
This is the picture but it's not good because I didn't use single-lens reflex camera :-(

To tell the truth, it was the first time for me to see the eclopse so I have no basis for comparison but the most interesting thing was this, it seems that mose Balinese people is not interested in the eclipse of the oon.
Every full moon and forned moon, they pray and hold a festival, so why they do nothing at this night?
I was the only woman who stopped to see the moon.

You can go to Bali by Cathay Pacific Airlines by Hong Kong, it means you can stay in Honk Kong. It means that you can visit Hong Kong air port though you don't want to stay in Hong Kong, but the air port is very very exciting!

At first, I want you to be sure about the rule of the luggage.
You can check in 20kg limited, and you can bring into the cabin 22in.*14in.*9in., 7kg.
And this is lunch in the cabin. It's so-so...

I could choose chicken or beef and I chose chicken, this.

Attention!! When you come to Hong Kong from other country's air port, please don't buy liqueurs, sake, perfume, something like that in DFS. Of course you can buy it and bring in to the cabin, but when you arrive Hong Kong and ready to transfer to Bali,the staff of the air port will throw it!
They should check your luggage into the cabin again!
So, it means, if you buy a sake in Narita Airport, you can't bring into Hong Kong. I hope you keep receipt of DFS but the man who had check in front of me had to throw it away.
There's the liqueur shop in Hong Kong air port, don't worry.

Of course you can exchange your money here.

There's some funny shop there, like this.

You also can eat chinese food here.
My favorite one is near the gate 40. Here is the chart.
I ate 8, it's H$45.It was really really good!

If you can visit the air port when you go back to your home, you can buy souvenirs here again.

How long does it take from your country to Bali ? If it takes more than 5 hours why don't you have this ?
Since you have fabulous massage in Bali at the last day, you will get a stiff neck by sleeping in the cabin.
This is Travel Pillow, or Travel Cushion.

It has many kind of the type but i recommend tube type one.
You can breathe into it and swell it, so it is not voluminous and you can make adjustment.
If you get it you can use it not only in the plane but also in the car or train, of course you can go other country comfortably.

You maybe able to get it at the air port but I think it will high.
You can buy it at many website.

Obus Forme Inflatable Travel Pillow
Price: $6.99 (4/8/2007)

Eagle Creek Comfort Neck Pillow
Price: $18.45 - $18.50 (4/8/2007)

Lewis N. Clark Reakt? Neck Pillow
Price: $31.99 - $39.00 (4/8/2007)

29 July, full moon today.
The ceremony was held in the area of Bali Intercontinental Hotel for the employee.
Hindu ceremonies was originally held at full moon and horned moon in each temple in Bali. Of course it's not every full moon and horned moon. It's rotated, for example, "my temple hold ceremony at 5th full moon."

So it's very lucky that I see this ceremony, in the hotel.
Dress uped people turn out to one of the corner of the area in Hotel.
They carry many offering to sanctuaries in the area and pray there.
This ceremony is hold all today for every employee. Early shift employees go to the ceremony at night, and the other go at early morning.

The highest time of the ceremony is at night.
Many beautiful women, the employee or employee's wife, carry big offering on their head. Everyone enjoy the pupet show, and laughing.

Then, I asked on of the employee, "Why is there a temple in the hotel?" and  he answered querulously, "Why? It should have it becayse it's where we work for and we earn, so we should appreciate for god."
Oh, I see.

It's great that the family go to the place of work and appreciate.
I love this custom !

In the cabin, when you come close to Bali, you may have Captain's Service. But if it's late night, you can't have it. This service needs brightness.

You maybe know it. The scene from airplane is relly beautiful.

you of course can see this beautiful scene arriving Bali.

If you are lucky, a captain will decline the airplane to right and you can see..

"Mt.Agun on your right ! "

Mt.Agun, really huge mountain, is in the north of Bali and people believe it is holy mountain.
It makes out water, so people can drink it and use it in ceremony as a holy water.

For this reason, may I urge that reserve the window seat on the right side.
Except you arrive at night.

Thanks for reading this blog ! I'm Hey-C, a Japanese girl who write this blog.
I have a short history about traveling Bali but I really love Bali and I have some great friends in Bali.
In this site, Bali-Travel, we show about the information for traveling Bali at the Information. This blog is an article for staying Bali, Balinese culture, about Bali Hindu, and so on.

What is "Bali" ? In Bali, there's many ethnos not only native Balinese, and there's not only Bali Hindu. And the infornation and common thinking is maybe different in each area.

Furthermore, "Bali Hindu" is not same as "Hindu", it's the original Hindu.
So I wanna apologize about this blog is camel's nose of Bali.
Bali is very small island but many many things here.
I wanna show you about Bali one by one.

Oh, and I also apologize about my English.
I can speak English little, sorry so much. I'll do my best.
Thank you !

Born in 1984.
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